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April 26, 2011

B&N Nook Color Gets Froyo

Barnes and Noble just released their 1.2 Software update for the Nook Color. This upgrade makes the device a much more capable Android Tablet.  It brings flash, a limited Android Marketplace and some other application goodness. If you are not interested you can go directly to their site page to get the download.  This is of course, if you haven’t already installed Cyanogen Mod 7 with Tablet tools.  Over your previous install of HoneyNook EMMC v4.  Which I was planning on doing this evening. My advice is to go with CM7  as this tablet is a hackers delight.  Perhaps if we ask nicely we can get our friend  pershoot to build a nice Overclocked custom kernel.


If you still want to keep the device stock then keep on reading:



This update has added to the device the ability to install some Application staples to the Android eco-system:


[box type=”shadow”] Angry-birds

Pulse News reader


Flash 10.1 beta[/box]

Below are the directions as per the B&N Nook Color tablet website:

Software Updates –

Version 1.2.0


Barnes and Noble is providing a major firmware update for NOOK Color that contains exciting new features, addresses key customer requests and provides ongoing performance improvements. With NOOK Color v1.2 you get NOOK Email™, an enhanced web experience with Adobe ®  Flash® Player, access to popular apps like Angry Birds, plus NOOK Kids™ Read and Play™ titles, enhanced NOOK Books, and more. The software update will be automatically downloaded to devices that are registered and connected to Wi-Fi®, beginning the week of April 25 and over the coming weeks. There’s no need for you to take any action. But if you want the software immediately, you can manually download it here. Please refer to the instructions below for the manual download. To check the current software version of your NOOK Color, please click here for additional instructions.
Get Version 1.2.0 TodayTo get the update immediately, you can manually download the software update to your computer at any time and then copy it onto your NOOK Color. Simply follow the steps below. If you choose to wait for an automatic download when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, updates will begin rolling out to devices over the next few days:
Manual Download Instructions

1. From your computer, click here for the software update file. Select Save and select Desktop as the location. Do NOT modify or change the downloaded file’s name in any way. Do NOT open the *.ZIP file.
2. Tap Settings on your NOOK Color’s Quick Nav Bar, then tap Device Info and make sure your NOOK Color battery charge is at 20% or more.
3. Connect your NOOK Color to your computer using the USB cable that came with your NOOK Color. A new, removable drive should show up in My Computer (Mac users will see the NOOK Color drive appear on the desktop or in devices). You should also see a “USB Mode” message on your NOOK Color screen.
4. From your computer, drag and drop the downloaded *.ZIP file onto the main directory of the NOOK Color drive. Do NOT unzip the file. You should not create a new folder on the NOOK Color drive or add the file to any other existing folder.
5. Eject or Safely Remove the NOOK Color drive after the file transfer is complete.
6. Your NOOK Color will automatically recognize the file after a few minutes or when it goes to sleep mode, and proceed to install the updates.
7. Please do not turn off your NOOK Color during the installation process.
8. Once the installation is completed, your NOOK Color will automatically restart and go to the Home screen.
9. On the bottom left status bar a green “n” will appear. Tap on it; the software has been successfully updated.
NOOK Color must remain turned on while the update is being installed. Once the software is installed, NOOK Color will reboot itself back to the Home screen. To verify you have the latest update, tap Settings from the Quick Nav Bar, tap Device Info, then tap About Your NOOK Color and check to see that your software version is 1.2.0.
Congratulations, your NOOK Color has been updated! If you need additional help, please call Digital Customer Service support at 1-800-843-2665.

What’s new in V1.2.0?

How do I get Version 1.2.0?The ver1.2.0 update is available over the next week as an automatic download that will roll out to NOOK Color customers connected to Wi-Fi®; or to get the software update right now, follow the instructions above for manual download.
If your NOOK Color is registered and has Wi-Fi® connectivity (Wi-Fi® should be turned ON and connected to a hotspot), your device will be updated over the next week.
The process will take 4-5 minutes for a manual download (depending on your Internet connection). You should NOT turn your NOOK Color off while the new software is being downloaded. Once the software update is completed, your NOOK Color will automatically restart and display the Home screen. The software update will preserve your personal settings, including your registered account information, content, display settings, and Wi-Fi® settings
Will I be prompted to start the automatic download over Wi-Fi?

The software will be downloaded to your device in a rolling update over the next week and automatically install when the device is idle. Once the update has been installed, you’ll see a small green ‘n’ on the left side status bar.

How do I know I have received the update?

To verify you have the latest version of the NOOK Color software, tap Settings from the Quick Nav Bar, tap Device Info, then tap About Your NOOK Color and check to see that your Software version is 1.2.0.

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