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July 15, 2011

The top 5 uses of tablet PC’s

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Written by: mgardega
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Tablet computers are an emerging technology.  Ok let’s be honest the tablet market is exploding “emerging” is a gross understatement.  Research estimates that by 2015 one there will be over 82 million tablet users in the US alone.  One third of online consumers will own one, and tablets will outsell laptops by the very same year.  This is a radical shift.  A shift this rapid will definitely change how people consume information, interact with information, how we share and relate to information.  Other notable disruptive technologies: The printing press, Telegraphs, Telephone, Radio, Television, Computers, Personal Computers, the internet and Fruit Ninja.  OK that last one was to make certain you were paying attention. Or was it?

How exactly will this genre redefining technology transform our daily lives? What are the hidden benefits and costs that we are still unaware of? Well let’s cut through all of the BS and take a look at what are people really doing with these tablets? The adMob survey asked people the ways in which they are using their tablets.

  1. 84% Playing games
  2. 78% Searching for information
  3. 74% Emailing
  4. 61% Reading the news
  5. 56% Social networking
Tablet computers are shifting the way people spend their time.  One in three tablet owners  spend more time on their tablet PC than they do watching TV.  The other two thirds most likely are watching TV and multitasking on their tablet (being honest again: playing games during commercial breaks on Keeping up with the Kardashians).  It is pulling people out from in front of their laptop/desktops.  Tablets are being primarily used in the evening and at home.  The frequency of use drops on weekends. Tablets are going to be very disruptive in the gaming sector, and PC sales.  Currently it is a bit difficult to create (write/draw/paint/work) on the form factor because the applications and shift in UI advancements have yet to occur.   They will start to shortly.  Until these new interfaces allow for ease of creation of content, these devices are defined as primarily consumption oriented.
As for my current use scenario: I’m an avid Google reader, and as my news is pushed to me I keep up to date. I listen to podcasts while writing blog posts/emails/ third rate poetry. But i don’t write the blog posts on the tablet.  I am not using Adobe Lightroom to develop pictures on the tablet. Yet.
How do you use your tablet when you aren’t playing fruit ninja?   My high score is 786 in Arcade mode.  I haven’t been able to beat it after weeks of trying, so I’ve been trying to find new ways and new games to fill the void.

About the Author

Fan of emerging technologies, and their trans-formative relationship with society both good and bad. Some of my heroes are: Nikola Tesla, Gutenberg, Hunter S Thompson, Lawrence Lessig, Marshall McLuhan and a few others. I think the US patent system needs a mass overhaul.


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