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Deal Alert

August 4, 2011

Deal Alert: buy an HP TouchPad with $100 discount

Deal Alert

Thinking about buying a TouchPad?

PLEASE: Read the Update Below before purchasing a TouchPad.

Here is the scenario:  You are a free thinker and you are looking to buy an HP TouchPad with some webOS (see our webOS review) goodness at a price that  makes it reasonable.  Well you are in luck free thinker.  The TouchPad just last week was given a price drop of fifty dollars.  Now this weekend you are able to get an extra fifty dollars off, making the 16GB model a reasonable $399.  This deal is available this weekend only.  I would suggest however if you are going to buy only one tablet that you consider either the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the iPad for not very much more money.  These are two ecosystems that are performing much more solidly.

The TouchPad is having a slow start out of the gate.    Should you buy a Touch pad for $399?  The answer is yes if you already are aware of the greatness of webOS  and you are willing to wait for the Apps to catch up.

HP’s TouchPad store page

Meanwhile you can buy a TouchPad today where Amazon is already reflecting the initial $50 price drop.  It may be worth it to watch their sites price for the tablet over the weekend as well.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you get the free two shipping.  And let’s face it.  You want your tablets and you want them now. Chop Chop.


Since this Deal Alert was initially issued HP has disrupted the Tablet (and PC world) by pulling an about face after 49 days of dismal sales.  Then two days later they issued a bargain basement price of $99 dollars which is too good for pretty much anyone to pass up.   Most stores sold out almost immediately, some won’t or haven’t honored the price (yes I am looking at you RadioShack) and others had their websites crumble in the mad scramble to pick up these low cost tablets (  I tried to buy one for a family member only to have it sit in limbo  to verify if it went through or not.  Trying to get assistance from the website was met with some blind transfers, lots of disconnects in the phone system.  The only response was to a tweet to the @BNBuzz account saying they are working on it.

Right now, there are some stores that are carrying the TouchPad online.  Amazon hasn’t given the $99 price yet, which is surprising.   The best bet would to keep a watch on the price here on the site which is updated in realtime.

HP is claiming that they are refunding the difference in price to those who paid in full earlier in the 49 Days of the TouchPad.  That is the least they can do, after offering up Enterprise backed marathon foray into the Tablet Computer market.  Well they let this tomato die on the vine.  If you were lucky enough to get one of these HP TouchPads let us know how you did.  There is already $1500 bounty to get Android running on one of these.

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Deal Alert

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