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Deal Alert

August 5, 2011

lowest price on HP TouchPad now on woot

Deal Alert

HP TouchPad price drops yet again.

Important Update:

HP has dropped all development and support and sales of HP TouchPads and webOS as a whole. The deal on which was referenced here is no longer valid as WOOT has only one day deals.  It is difficult to find the bargain basement $99 dollar price at any store. for the 16gb model, or $149 for the 32Gb model.  Our advice is to watch the price on Amazon.    If we catch wind of any site that has them in stock at the reduced price we will issue a new deal alert on the front page.  Considering this tablet is shelved and the future of webOS  is entirely uncertain we would suggest not purchasing one excepting at the new $99 dollar price.



It seems like only yesterday we were reporting that there was a $100 dollar price drop which was going to occur over the upcoming weekend on the new HP TouchPad where buyers would be able to purchase a TouchPad for $399 for the 16GB model.  Well today it seems that has the current lowest price for the HP webOS tablets at $379 .

There is a lot this tablet can do, and there is a lot it cannot do. For you power users out there that will be devastated that it cannot integrate and run your SONOS home audio system, or let you facetime with your Aunt Beatrice, this may not be the tablet you want to buy.  But it does bring to the table the great webOS experience and an attractive price point for a tablet that can browse the net, supports flash, check email and do them all well.

If you are fan of Amazon, and are a member of Amazon Prime you can purchase the HP TouchPad 16GB tablet direct from them, with free 2 day shipping.  Or you can buy a 32 GB TouchPad discounted at $499.

If you do, let us know your thoughts on the product in the comments below.






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