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Deal Alert

October 20, 2011

Deal Alert: Motorola Xoom 32 GB $339

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Written by: mgardega
Deal Alert

Today at Amazon via WOOT they are selling a refurbished Motorola Xoom 32 GB tablet for $339.  This is a slightly heavier tablet than some, but it is sturdy.  I’ve personally dropped mine from 4 feet onto concrete without a casing and it bounced into a brick wall and it survived with barely a scratch on the metal casing.  It may not be the lightest ereader substitute but Motorola definitely understands industrial strength build quality.

This is a Google Experience device, and as such runs a 100 percent Google purity version of Android.  It should be among the first tablets to get the soon to arrive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.   You may want to wait for Black Friday to see what other price drops are available, however I use my Xoom daily and love every minute of it.

You can read our review of this Android Honeycomb powered device right here.


Technical Specifications:


CDMA 800 /1900 LTE 700, Rx diversity in all bands


Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)


5 MP




Dual-LED flash


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