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November 29, 2011

Deal Alert: Galaxy Tab 10.1 for 319 refurbished

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Written by: mgardega
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Deal Alert

The highest rated Android Tablet on newtabletreviews, is $319 dollars today on WOOT.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet is a fantastic piece of hardware.   Currently it is running Honeycomb 3.2 and is the tablet that Apple has worked on getting banned from sales across Europe.  When i hold it in my hand compared to my Motorola Xoom, it feels light, and elegant.  That may not seem like much but the weight makes a big difference on a tablet, especially if you are using it for reading or extended bouts of Settlers of Catan.  If you are in the market for an Android Tablet this is the best feeling piece of hardware.


We did not mention the sale for Cyber Monday about BlackBerry Playbooks being $199.  We could have mentioned it but it wasn’t a good deal we could suggest to the readers. The Galaxy Tab at $319 is a phenomenal deal that we would encourage you to consider.  It is refurbished but Samsung is known for quality hardware, especially when it comes to screens.   The WOOT deal is while supplies last and one day only.  These will sell out and the deal will not be available tomorrow.  With holiday gift giving you cannot go wrong with this for the Android Fan in your life.  This is much better than the Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet.  For very little more money you are spending it wisely.



  • WXGA Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Size 10.1 inches
  • 16 Million Colors & 1280×800 Pixels


  • Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS
  • CPU Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual-Core 1GHz Processer


  • L x B x H 256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight 595 grams

For more information you can read our full review of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Android Tablet.

If you want to buy this tablet go over to immediately.

You can always get an iPad2 for about 50 dollars less than the list price, which is significantly more than these are currently selling for.  The iPad is a killer device, with a great selection of apps and aftermarket peripherals. The iPad 3 is nearing fabrication, with a retina display supplied by LG and due out in early 2012.  IS it worth holding out for?  In technology there will always be something around the corner.

If you have this tablet feel free to share your experiences with the readers in the comments section below.

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