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January 3, 2012

Deal Alert:RIM discounts PlayBook tablets for 299

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Written by: mgardega
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Deal Alert

If you want to buy a discounted PlayBook, and there aren’t many of you who do, now may be the time.

RIM is not having a lot of successes since the rise of the touchscreen smartphones, namely the iPhone. To say their first entry into the tablet market has been poorly received is an understatement, but this is not without some level of good reason by consumers. The PlayBook shiped without an email client. Yes, you are reading this correctly, to get email on a PlayBook you need to tether with a Blackberry phone. This is enough of a reason to consider it mostly an irrelevant device. The technical reason this was done by RIM was because they needed to build and entirely new BlackBerry Enterprise server to support QNX devices, which is what the PlayBook runs. RIM is planning on moving their phones over to this same base OS, but as of yet, it hasn’t released any to market.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook price drop

Even with the 400 savings on the 64GB we do not suggest you purchase one of these.

One interesting aspect of this price drop is that the 64GB model is the same price as their 16GB, or 32GB model.

Please note that despite this price drop there is very little value to be had in this tablet. There are no killer Apps, and the hardware is  uninspired and unexceptional. The one two combo of those failures makes this price drop still meaningless in the bigger picture. We advise the potential consumer to pick up a discounted Android tablet or an iPad, or perhaps even a used one. Both of these will provided a lot more more functionality.  The Kindle fire which is essentially the same hardware new is 199, or a No0k color Tablet is 249. Both have less storage but with cloud services this is not a big issue.

If you’re a custom ROM fan, then perhaps you can mod one and make it marginally useful.  That is sadly the best we can say about this tablet. No offense to RIM, but this is what happens when you wait four years to upgrade your native OS, until you’ve lost even your phone momentum.  No email, no calendaring is hardly compelling to a consumer.

Who should buy this tablet? Not You even at the discounted price.


The deal can be had on the RIM website.

Source: Slashdot via Engadget

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