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March 7, 2012

iPad3 release and key features

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Written by: mgardega
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Apples keynote today revealed the much awaited iPad 3 with the anticipated retina display pushing 2048 by 1536 pixels.

The iPad has become nothing short of a phenomenon, and alongside the iPhone is a flagship product of the Cupertino based Apple. Apple made certain to clearly mention the fact that the iOS products were generating 73 percent of their revenue. The post PC world nomenclature is in full stride at Apple. With increased resolution via a retina display, the playing field just became a lot clearer. The native Apps of Apple have all been redesigned to take advantage of this new resolution on the iPad 3.  Starting today you can pre-order the tablet and it will become available on March 16th. Following on the 23rd there will be 100 more countries with availability.


iPad3 with retina display and LTE and new Processor

As it stands the weight of the iPad 3 is slightly heavier by .05 pounds and it is 6mm thicker than its predecessor. This is to make room for the LTE and increased battery size.  For those of you who are discriminating that it must always be thinner and lighter please understand that there is a newer CPU/GPU and and LTE radio to boot that these must contain. The battery life alone requires a bigger battery.  Although it was not mentioned, the battery should last quite some time in non LTE Models, greater than the proposed 10 hours.


iPad3 Specifications

  • Retina Display which pushes  2048 by 1536 pixels: For those of you doing the math that is over 3.1 million pixels.
  • 5MP iSight Camera higher resolution than previous iPad had.iPad3's New iSight 5MP camera records in 1080P
  • HD video recording at 1080P resolutions
  • Image stabilization assisted by the A5X processor (dual core) with increased GPU performance. 2:17PM “When we designed the new A5X chip, we gave it quad core graphics.”  — This means it has Dual core CPU and Quad Core GPU. It remains to be seen how it competes with other GPUs in the mobile space as they have more cores.
  • Voice Dictation features (easier than typing)
  • 4G LTE wireless is now supported,
  • Older wireless with EV-DO 3.1mbps , and HSPA at speeds of 7.2. Now HSPA + will have  21Mbps, dual carrier HSDPA at 42 Mbps, and LTE at 73 Mbps  (all theoretical bandwidth max capacities your mileage will vary.
  • Prices are: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB. And $629, $729, and $829 for 4G. These have parity with the pricing of the iPad2 at launch.
  • Pre-orders start today, and are available on March 16th.
  • iOS 5.1 has been reworked to make the iPad3 look as nice as possible.
  • Still 10 hours of battery life, not bad considering the LTE.  You can assume the WiFi only models will have longer battery life.
  • iPad 2 Will still be available, at the starting price of $399 for the 16GB,  with 3G at $529. And new iPad at 16GB, starting at $499.


SketchBook Ink. iPad 3 becomes more creative. Still no stylus.

  • AutoDesk Sketchbook Ink exclusive to iOS.  The makers of popular Sketchbook Pro software have a strong resume oin the creative marketplace.  This is one to look forward to.
  • Infinity Blade “Dungeons”
  • iLife, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand are all updated. Still at $9.99 in the store.
  • Garage Band: Jam session 4 iPads connected can work together to compose a song via blue tooth or over WiFi. iCloud capable, note editor.
  • iPhoto: multi-touch editing, brushes, filters and beaming.
  • Significant uses of beaming and journals for improved sharing (within the iOS ecosystem).
  • Compare photos against originals, improved editing tools galore.
  • Exposure control, White Balance with hover as the picker. Effects  tools in case instagram hasn’t soured you on them yet.iPad 3 with Retina display makes for a solid photo studio with iPhoto
  • Brushes are useful for levels in a non destructive manner. It isn’t clear if the images are DNG or Raw however.
  • iPhoto is 4.99 and is available today for iPhone as well.
  • iMovie can create movies and movie trailers. Included template system allows for easier development. Planning and editing tools assist with the film and shot requirements for the budding creators.
  • iCloud gains a sharing feature similar to DropBox for easy photo Sharing. Anyone with a browser can access it.

And that is all she wrote for today’s keynote from Apple.

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