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Twitter Updates for 2011-03-20

@pershoot nice work fella. in reply to pershoot # test # Sneak peek at Archos Gen 9 tablets: 1.6 GHz dual-core A9 processor, 250GB HDD for €400 in June # Microsoft and ASUS show off all the stylish sty...
by mgardega

Tablet News

Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Recovery – ClockworkMod

The faithful community behind Android is amazing. This time I am highlighting our helpful friend pershoot.  He has recently built something new and exciting for the Android fan base, especially if you were at Google IO and cam...
by admin


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-07

Amazon Tablet by Samsung: # @joshuatopolsky my Xoom pulled down all apps that were on my Evo on first launch. Titanium backup pro will help migrate apps b/w devices in reply to joshuatopolsky #
by mgardega



Google IO – 2011

  Hey all.   This is pershoot. I’m on my way to Google IO in San Francisco. Currently in the air and posting via gogo inflight. I look forward to the convention this year and will keep you all updated as the wee...
by Pershoot


iBooks released with education and textbooks in mind

Steve Jobs before he died had a vision to work with textbooks and reinvent them for education.  This vision is what was covered today at the Apple Education event in NYC.  The release of iBooks 2.0 will allow students to buy ...
by mgardega



Twitter Updates for 2011-03-21

Goodbye eclaire # Xoom gets flash and beta means beta # Hopefully this makes it here. #
by mgardega


Facebook iPad App Coming Soon

Tired of Facebook stalking friends on a clunky iPad web browser? Fear not, your exploits are about to change with Facebook’s new iPad app coming in a few weeks. The Facebook app has been in production for a year, and as r...
by tabletdude


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

Asus EEE pad might should arrive in the upcoming weeks. 400 price seems appealing. # Acer iconia priced in uk. # Microsoft Win8 tablet app durfaces. #
by mgardega


Tablet News

Android Ice Cream Sandwich event Oct 11

Google and Samsung holding press event for Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Oct 11th Technically this is a Samsung event which is co-branded with the Google logo. There are new devices with release dates that clearly coincide wit...
by mgardega


New Tablet Reviews Updates for 2011-05-09 with special guest correspondent pershoot live at Google IO – 2011: #
by admin


Tablet News

Motorola Xoom project on Feedback Network

Original Motorola Xoom owners: a new project has surfaced for testing.   The first Honeycomb device in the first generation of approved Android tablets is about to undergo a new project according to the Xoom Forums.  This...
by mgardega


Twitter Updates for 2011-03-22

Honeycomb UI tweaks Samsung 8.9 inch tablet. # Amazons new appstore now open for business. # Samsung tab revealed at 8.9 #
by mgardega



Archos Arnova 7 Announced

Cheap? Broke? If either of these characteristics describe your current financial position, then the Archos Arnova 7 Android tablet is for you. The first ever 7″ tablet for under one hundred euros (currently approx $142 US...
by dicapite


Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

#atom processors to get #widi and improved battery life. Being a non starter in the #tablet market Intel promises much. #
by mgardega

Deal Alert

Deal Alert: HTC Flyer Price cut to 299.99 on Oct 1st

The best deal on an Android HTC Flyer is $299 at BestBuy Manufacturers and vendors are finally realizing that their prices are too high.  The TouchPad was well untouchable at the initial release price.  Drop that same pric...
by mgardega