Hands down the most intriguing tablet release of the year, the Sony S1 and S2 has been drawing a lot of attention since its initial announcement on April of this year. As to some of the specs of both tablets, the entire gadget world is still in the dark, but we do have enough information to draw some interesting points about the S1 and S2. Aside from the looks, which was quite a head turner during the initial announcement, the tablet siblings have other great features that it can boast of. Would the S1 and S2 prove to be the next best tablet release since the iPad 2? Well, letís see.

Intriguing Looks

When you first look at both the S1 and S2, you can almost literally see the difference from other tablets, especially the S2. With its clam shell design, the S2 can be folded down to half size and can be easily placed inside a bag or a purse. The S2 has a pair of 5.5 inch 1,021×480 pixel displays, and a custom book style UI layout which is ideal for its e-book reader app, as well as for the split keyboard and for reading emails. Itís also great for split display and game controllers for PS1 gaming.

The S1 on the other hand looks like a regular tablet; however, its back panel is thicker on one end than the other. With this wedge design, the S1 creates an angled view when itís set on a flat surface, and this design makes it one of the most comfortable Honeycomb tablets to hold. The 9.4 inch 1,280×768 pixels display touch screen allows the user to enjoy great viewing angles and vivid colors. The screen will come with TruBlack and Bravia technologies, which will definitely take this feature a notch higher than its competitors.

Interesting Features

The S2 will support 3G + WiFi as well as AT&T 4G speeds, while the S1 will only support Wi-Fi. These tablets are also Bluetooth enabled and PlayStation certified. Both will run on Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), and will be fully compatible with Adobe Flash and Adobe Air. They also feature Quick View, an enhancement on the browser capabilities which gives an illusion that a page loads much faster. But what actually happens is that Quick View loads a pageís images first before loading Java Script, which greatly enhances user experience.

The S1 and S2 would also have access to PS1 and PSP titles from the PlayStation library, which is really cool. The S1 also has a built-in IR port controls which allows it to become a universal remote control. The S1 will also be able to play movies on your TV, provided that it is DLNA compatible.

The Downside

Although weíve seen the S2ís exotic design, most android applications would look very awkward because it would be split in half, and with an annoying unusable strip running through the center of the screen. Unless more app developers create S2 compatible programs, the applications you are able to run on the S2 would be very limited. Battery life for both models still need to be established, so no conclusions yet for this review.

With the S1 and S2ís release coming soon, it would be too early to say how these two would size up against other tablet giants. For sure, itís a highly anticipated release and I know people canít wait to have their hands on these two. Browsing speed is fast, and it has a lot of unique features that only Sony can offer. A winner? We shall see.

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